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Cycle 3

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The following pages present different tools and activities of cycle 3.

Assessment using "belts"


Oral communication

Parent-teacher meetings



School correspondence

This year, there are 25 pupils in the cycle 3 class. Desks are positioned in a U-formation, to facilitate communication between the children.

In my attempt to create and maintain the desire to learn, I constantly, almost systematically, make use of three essential ingredients: challenge, competition, pride.

Challenge: to unveil mysteries, to think of and make an object for a specific purpose...

Two examples: discover Pi, make a periscope.

Competition: to be the first, to achieve the best score...

Two examples: win a match, find the most adjectives to describe a monster.

Pride: to have one's work recognised.

Two examples: presentation of a book, publication of one's article in the school newsletter.

Remi Casteres



This page has been translated from French by Andreas Theodorou.




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