Saint-Didier primary school

The school


Saint Didier School is a small school of 68 pupils in 3 classes.

The teaching team decided to work by cycles, rather than to try to have the same number of pupils per class. Thus, there are three cycles as follows:

- cycle 1 consists of Nursery Years 1-3 (ages 2-4 years). The teacher is Paul Psaltopoulos, while the nurse assistant is Marie-Odile Pupier,

- cycle 2 brings together Nursery Year 4 and Primary Years 1 and 2 (ages 5-7 years). The teacher is Corinne Famelart,

- cycle 3 with Primary Years 3-5 (ages 8-10 years). The teacher is Remi Casteres, who is also the Headteacher.

A school plan proposes to fully implement new Government programmes.

The school has formed a Balint group for analysis of practice.

Certain activities involve the whole school, e.g. the chorus, the school newspaper and the knowledge markets.

The major objective is that all the children, though starting at very different developmental stages, will receive the same opportunities for developing their skills; however, they will not necessarily be at a similar or identical stage at the end.

To achieve this, we strive to meet the fundamental needs of the pupils:

- need for growth,

- need for fairness,

- need for psychological security,

- need for recognition.

From left to right: Marie-Odile Pupier, Paul Psaltopoulos, Corinne Famelart and Remi Casteres  








The choir

This page has been translated from French by Andreas Theodorou.


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